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I called the dentist office to make an appointment for my daughter for the first time. I was surprised that I could understand everything clearly, and answer the questions asked by the receptionist. I don’t have to ask my husband, or my sister-in-law for help. Thanks to MCS LINC teachers and other staff I can do the things myself now. I can go shopping without feeling afraid. - Wazhma LINC LEARNERS

My new life in Canada and the time I have spent in MCS LINC are full of wonderful experiences. I have met many new friends from different countries and my English language and many other skills have improved notably because of the excellent MCS teachers who always motivate and encourage their students to aim for the best. I’m very thankful to all MCS LINC staff and to the Canadian Government for helping newcomers like me achieve their personal and professional goals and dreams. I have enrolled in Community College this fall; however, I will not stop there. One day I will become a famous architect in Canada. - Sakar LINC LEARNERS

I am grateful to the MCS LINC teachers and MCS staff who are very approachable, helpful and professional. They taught me the skills that helped me get a promotion at my workplace. I will always fondly remember the day I joined the LINC program. My dreams have come true as I greeted my first teacher feeling excitement and anticipation. LINC offered me a way to improve my skills, to get meaningful employment and to provide financial support for my family back home. I knew that Canada was offering unlimited options and opportunities to newcomers and now I can say that my dreams are coming true. - GinaLINC LEARNERS

Since my son Janan joined MCS childcare he was able to overcome his separation anxiety. He became more independent, he learned to eat by himself and he learned to make his own choices. Janan is now learning new words, numbers, and colours every day. He learned how to communicate and share toys with other children. When I drop my son at MCS childcare I feel comfortable knowing that he is in good hands which helps me focus on learning English. I would like to say thank you very much to the childcare staff for all that they do, I really appreciate their hard work. - ReemCNC PARENTS

The love and concern the childcare staff showed to my son made him feel so comfortable and helped him overcome his shyness. My son made friends at the childcare program and learned to speak English. He is now a very social child and communicates well with his peers at the childcare program and outside as well. Yosouf will be starting school in September and I’m not worried about him anymore since attending the MCS childcare program has helped eliminate his shyness and taught him how to build friendships. Thank you for being such a wonderful influence on my child, I will always be thankful for your efforts. - RawanCNC PARENTS

Since our daughter Helana joined MCS childcare she has learned the importance of sharing her toys, and playing fair. What we are also very happy to see is that she has learned how to eat on her own, wash her hands, paint, count, sing and dance. It makes us so happy to know that our child is learning something new every day while we are in class studying English. The MCS LINC program has been one of the best things that happened to us and our family since we arrived in Canada.- Dina and EhabCNC PARENTS

I am very grateful to MCS and their staff. The MCS Family Support Program gave me encouragement, guidance and support when I thought that there was no hope for me. I still go to MCS for ongoing support that I need during this time of transition. I have finally realized that there are places you can go to and ask for help, places you can rely on when you feel down and need to talk to someone, and desperately need those words of understanding and encouragement. Thank you MCS for helping me turn my misery into a life full of hope and goodness.- L.K.MFAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM (VAW) CLIENTS

I owe MCS and the Family Support Program a lot. MCS was my first support system when I did not know about my rights. I was new in the new country facing many unpleasant issues and having tough times with my spouse.” I am happy that the MCS VAW Program took care of all of my needs and helped me in establishing myself in the country.- S.K.B FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM (VAW) CLIENTS

MCS has done a lot for me. It was through the ongoing counseling sessions that I feel empowered and strong. I would never have become so strong and independent if MCS was not there to provide me with the support and guidance. MCS has given me a shoulder to lean on. What I am today is because of the ongoing support of the VAW counselor and I am thankful from the core of my heart.- A.K.S FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM (VAW) CLIENTS

I have been attending the senior women group since 4 years ago. I am learning a lot from the workshops organized by MCS. I really enjoy participating in celebrations like Mother’s day, Canada Day, Diwali and Christmas and Holidays celebrations. We get an opportunity to socialize, to enjoy food and cultural activities such as dancing and singing. I have made new friends and we talk to each other on the phone on a regular basis. Now, I feel more confident and look forward to coming to the program regularly. Thank you MCS for doing such a wonderful job for seniors.- Jaswant Kaur Plaha SENIOR PROGRAM CLIENTS

Once I attended the Senior Women’s Group I knew that I will never miss a session in the future. This has become my obsession and I am counting days to the next meeting of the Group. Every member of this group feels comfortable and safe, and everyone learns something new during each gathering. The program introduces many workshops of different topics and themes that are very important for healthy and safe living at our age. The program also provides valuable information at participants’ requests about other resources in the community that are relevant to seniors’ well-being. This group is also participating in program implementation by providing ethnic cultural programs, health related issues, and other family issues in a very conscience manner. I am very grateful to MCS for running the program that helps seniors get together, learn something new and contribute with their experiences. Everyone looks forward to the next session, and regardless of weather conditions, everyone attends the Program regularly. Thank you MCS.- Prabha Mehra SENIOR PROGRAM CLIENTS

My name is Balvinder and I have been attending this program for the last nine years. I enjoy and learn a lot from the information sessions organized by MCS Senior Women’s Program. After joining this program, I have gained so many new friends and feel more confident about myself. This program gives us opportunities for socializing and enjoying food and cultural activities like dancing, singing etc. We look forward to attending these sessions all the time. I am thankful to MCS for providing such informative sessions and taking us on field trips. I wish you all the best and please keep helping the seniors’ community.- Balvinder Kaur Gill SENIOR PROGRAM CLIENTS

I landed in Canada in early 2020, and soon started working on my professional registration. While undergoing my assessment, I realised that French is a big part of Canadian culture and to settle here as a true professional, I would need a good understanding of French. As soon as I got free from my assessment and my registration was in sight, I enrolled myself for French Classes. I was assigned MCS and started attending the weekend classes. Its has been a tremendous experience so far. Like most of the new things in life, initially it seemed like a steep climb and I had to put in a lot of effort to start understanding the basics of the language. After 3-4 sessions I started settling down with the concepts and basics of the language. I am fortunate to get a really great instructor and mentor, who has supported me throughout the journey and kept me motivated. The lesson plan and practice exercises for learners are really well designed and include aspects of professional interaction that one may use in his/her own profession and in daily life. With about 3 hours of practice every week apart from the 5-hour classes/sessions, I’m able to get myself to speedup to the expected level. The most satisfying part is that I’m able to converse in basic French with my professional colleagues and I’m expecting to grow my practice further into French speaking population. With equal focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking there is an overall development and improvement that one can feel within a short period of time. I would strongly encourage everyone to add this language skill into your resume as this can open doors for new opportunities and also help one settle down quickly.- Bindia Arora FRENCH LANGUAGE CLASSES