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I am Bindia Arora, a Registered Homeopath practicing in Ontario Canada.

I landed in Canada in early 2020, and soon started working on my professional registration. While undergoing my assessment, I realised that French is a big part of Canadian culture and to settle here as a true professional, I would need a good understanding of French.

As soon as I got free from my assessment and my registration was in sight, I enrolled myself for French Classes. I was assigned MCS and started attending the weekend classes.

Its has been a tremendous experience so far. Like most of the new things in life, initially it seemed like a steep climb and I had to put in a lot of effort to start understanding the basics of the language. After 3-4 sessions I started settling down with the concepts and basics of the language. I am fortunate to get a really great instructor and mentor, who has supported me throughout the journey and kept me motivated. The lesson plan and practice exercises for learners are really well designed and include aspects of professional interaction that one may use in his/her own profession and in daily life.

With about 3 hours of practice every week apart from the 5-hour classes/sessions, I’m able to get myself to speedup to the expected level. The most satisfying part is that I’m able to converse in basic French with my professional colleagues and I’m expecting to grow my practice further into French speaking population.

With equal focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking there is an overall development and improvement that one can feel within a short period of time. I would strongly encourage everyone to add this language skill into your resume as this can open doors for new opportunities and also help one settle down quickly.